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Everyone out there is trying to reduce sugar content in their products in one way or another. As many brands have realized, the best bet to get to the finish line ahead of the competition is to start with Anderson Advanced Ingredients. Materials from AAI ensure cleaner labels, better certifications, better sources, better functionality, better machinability and better taste profiles. When you start with Anderson Advanced Ingredients, everything is better.

Superstar Syrups

FiberSMART® TS90 - Soluble Tapioca Fiber Syrup allSWEET® OAS - Organic Allulose Syrup
- 90% Dietary Fiber - Organic Certified
- Certified Organic Tapioca - No Glycemic Response
- Exceptional Tolerability - Non-GMO Project Verified
- Unparalleled Low aw Binding - Human Clinical Studies
- Human Clinical Studies - Established 2015
OligoSMART® SFP - Sugar Free Polydextrose MoisturLOK® SF - Sugar Free Humectant
- 80% Dietary Fiber - Organic Certified
- <0.3% Reducing Sugars - 50% Dietary Fiber
- Non-GMO Project Verified - Non-GMO Project Verifi­ed
- One Calorie Per Gram - Extend Shelf Life
- Muted Maillard Reaction - Extend Eating Quality

For more details and an introduction to more weapons to attack sugar including EmulsiSMART®, StabiliSMART®, PolySWEET®, AudianaSWEET® and Sinclusions® sinful inclusions, visit our website at

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