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Why SinClusions®?

Healthy eating is significantly better with a few inclusions thrown into the mix. SinClusions® are clean label sugar free inclusions that are going to make any cookie, dessert, ice cream, protein bar or doughnut better than they are otherwise. These delicious and fun inclusions are so sinfully good, you would never guess they are heavenly sugar-free.

From allulose chocolate chips and chocolate coatings, to erythritol rainbow sprinkles and allulose based marbits, all options within the SinClusions® family of products are sure fire winners. Add some color, flavor and fun to what you’re making today and reap the rewards because of it!

Top Features

  • “Better for You” Inclusions

  • Low Calorie

  • Non-GMO

  • Keto & Diabetic Friendly

  • Best-in-Class for Taste

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
SinClusions® White Sprinkle Inclusions (Natural) AG7714 40lb, 2,000lb (Pallet), 12,000lb (FCL)
SinClusions® Red Sprinkle Inclusions AG7717 40lb, 2,000lb (Pallet), 12,000lb (FCL)
SinClusions® Rainbow Sprinkle Inclusions AG7710 40lb, 2,000lb (Pallet), 12,000lb (FCL)
SinClusions® Confetti Sprinkle Inclusions AG7719 40lb, 2,000lb (Pallet), 12,000lb (FCL)
SinClusions® Frosty White Sugar Free Glitter AG7720 40lb
SinClusions® Pink Blush Sugar Free Glitter AG7721 40lb
SinClusions® Fern Green Sugar Free Glitter AG7722 40lb
SinClusions® Sea Green Sugar Free Glitter AG7723 40lb
SinClusions® Mango Tangerine Sugar Free Glitter AG7724 40lb
SinClusions® Burnt Orange Sugar Free Glitter AG7725 40lb
SinClusions® Allulose White Chocolate AG9978 50lb, 2,000lb (Pallet), 40,000lb (FCL)
SinClusions® Allulose Chocolate Chip Inclusions #4 AG9911 30lb, 2,000lb (Pallet), 40,000lb (FCL)
SinClusions® Allulose Chocolate Chip Inclusions AG9958 33lb, 1,320lb (Pallet), 26,400lb (FCL)
SinClusions® Optimized Allulose Chocolate Chip Inclusions AG9918 33lb, 1,320lb (Pallet), 26,400lb (FCL)

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