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Why AudianaSWEET®?

Let’s face it, stevia based products never taste as good as we want them to. AudianaSWEET® Optimized Stevia is the best option yet to get your products closer to where you want them to be. Rich in rebaudioside D (Reb-D), AudianaSWEET® is enzymatically optimized to isolate and enhance the most sugar-like steviol glycosides, reduce bitter notes, and deliver a complete and clean sweetness. A targeted steviol glycoside profile makes it possible for AudianaSWEET® to be incorporated in any sugar-free or reduced-sugar beverage or food.

Stevia has been used over the past decade plus in natural products as an alternative to artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, many customers have a negative reaction to the taste and bitter notes in Stevia, and that has presented a challenge for natural food and beverage formulators.

Formulating with AudianSWEET® is believing. Request a sample and replace the stevia you’re currently using and you’ll immediately have a better tasting product. It’s a no lose proposition.

No matter what your R&D goals are, AudianaSWEET® covers the gamut.

Top Features

  • Optimized Sweetness Profile

  • Optimized for Beverage Applications

  • Proprietary Enzymatic Debittering Technology

  • Head-To-Head Taste Test Winner

  • Best-in-Class Stevia

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
AudianaSWEET Optimized Stevia AG3240 10kg
AudianaSWEET Stevia Reb A AX2210 20kg

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