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Why PolySWEET®?

Over the last decade, erythritol has risen to become the undisputed king of sugar alcohol ingredient offerings. High tolerance, no effect on blood sugar and a preferred taste make erythritol a top candidate to be part of any sugar reduction project.

Manufactured in partnership with the global leader in sugar alcohol production, PolySWEET® Erythritol is in stock and ready to ship to support a wide variety of manufacturing applications including beverage, bakery, frozen, confectionary, bar and dairy. Available as a 60-mesh crystalline or 100-mesh fine powder, make PolySWEET® your “go to” erythritol source today. Your supply chain team will thank you later.

Top Features

  • Zero Calorie Sweeteners

  • Organic Certified

  • Non-GMO Project Verified

  • Keto & Diabetic Friendly

  • Premium Sugar Alcohol Staple

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
PolySWEET® Erythritol Super Fine Mesh Powder AX2290 20kg, 600kg (Pallet), 12,000kg (FCL)
PolySWEET® Erythritol Fine Mesh Powder AX2280 25kg, 1,000kg (Pallet), 20,000kg (FCL)
PolySWEET® Erythritol Crystalline Powder AX2270 25kg, 1,000kg (Pallet), 20,000kg (FCL)
PolySWEET® Organic Erythritol Crystalline Powder AX2250 25kg, 1,000kg (Pallet), 20,000kg (FCL)

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