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Why OligoSMART®?

Over the last decade, the use of oligosaccharide prebiotic sweeteners has exploded within the protein bar, meal replacement, snack and beverage spaces. Tapioca and Organic Tapioca OligoSMART® materials were particularly high in demand.

However, since the FDA made it clear that isomalto-oligosaccharides cannot be labeled as a fiber, calorie conscious brands have been reformulating to remove the once popular material from their products. Yet at the end of the day, oligosaccharides and their prebiotic properties are still a fantastic option for bulking, binding or sweetening applications welcomed warmly by consumers.

Non-GMO project verified and with a low sugar “high DP” option available, OligoSMART® is the premier brand of oligosaccharides available in the Global marketplace. Manufactured in partnership with the world’s largest producer of oligosaccharide products, the OligoSMART® family of natural prebiotics provides superior functionality, flavor enhancement and sweet properties for a variety of food and beverage applications.

Top Features

  • Prebiotic Sweetener

  • Organic Certified

  • Non-GMO Project Verified

  • Keto & Diabetic Friendly

  • High DP Reduced Sugar Options

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
OligoSMART® IMO Syrup 60100 25kg, 1,400kg
OligoSMART® IMO Powder 60150 25kg
OligoSMART® Tapioca IMO Syrup 60220 25kg, 1,400kg
OligoSMART® Tapioca IMO Powder 60240 25kg
OligoSMART® Organic Tapioca IMO Syrup 60300 25kg, 1,400kg
OligoSMART® Organic Tapioca IMO Powder 60350 25kg
OligoSMART® High DP IMO Syrup 60400 25kg, 1,400kg
OligoSMART® High DP IMO Powder 60450 25kg
OligoSMART® High DP Tapioca IMO Syrup 60470 25kg, 1,400kg
OligoSMART® High DP Tapioca IMO Powder 60490 25kg

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