CeraLOK® Rice Ceramides Approved for Skin Health Claims In Japan

CeraLOK® Rice Ceramides Approved for Skin Health Claims In Japan

Making “health claims” on dietary supplement products based on an assessment of raw material clinical trial data is always risky business for brands, particularly in American where there is a large gap between what “can be said” and what “should be stated” responsibly. It is much more cut and dry in other countries such as Canada and Japan where health claims are officially approved and issued by regulatory bodies.

Fortunately, things are spelled out clearly for CeraLOK® rice ceramide powder. Based on the strength of two published human clinical trials and the associated compelling results, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Korosho) granted a formal health claim as follows:

  • Korosho Registered Number: C335
  • Approved Health Claim in Japanese: 米由来グルコシルセラミドには、肌の水分を逃しにくくし、肌の潤いを守るのを助けることが報告されています。
  • Approved Health Claim translated into English: Studies indicate that rice derived glucosyl ceramides help to maintain and protect moisture in skin.
  • Link To Official Site for Product Containing CeraLOK®: https://www.fld.caa.go.jp/caaks/cssc01/search

As you’d expect, the manufacturing group associated with the CeraLOK® product is quite pleased to have been awarded the official claim.

“Having an approved health claim in Japan helps to validate the science supporting our rice ceramide powder,” explained Mr. Hiroto Kato of the Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Group. “We hope this prestigious health claim makes it easier for brands in other countries to have effective products that consumers prefer.”

We concur with Mr. Kato. An official health claim puts CeraLOK® on a step above the rest.

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