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About Tap’PD®

Polydextrose has long been a preferred bulking and texturizing ingredient in the healthy food world due to its low caloric value, low glycemic index and globally approved regulatory status. This soluble   ber has done wonders as the backbone for many successful products with a caloric value of just 1 kcal/g and the ability to provide maillard browning not associated with other   ber sources. To date, the predominant negative aspect associated with polydextrose has been the fact that the material is derived from corn. That negative aspect has been eliminated with introduction of Tap’PD® Tapioca Polydextrose.

As a Non-GMO Project certied ingredient available as powder or syrup, Tap’PD® Tapioca Polydextrose is a clean label alternative for many traditional foods that consumers crave. With its low glycemic impact and humectant properties, Tap’PD® Tapioca Polydextrose can be successfully used in a variety of applications including frozen dairy desserts, confectionery, beverage, baking and extruded bar applications. At the end of the day, consumers prefer tapioca to other ber sources. Globally accepted and consumer preferred, Tap’PD® should be a “go to” fiber or bulking agent in every food developer’s quiver of formulation inputs.

Top Features

  • Non-GMO Project Verified

  • Recognized by FDA as a Dietary Fiber

  • Certified Organic Tapioca

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
Tap’PD® Tapioca Polydextrose Syrup (Totes) 70700 1300kg, 18,200kg (FCL)
Tap’PD® Tapioca Polydextrose Syrup (Pails) 70710 25kg, 600kg (Pallet)
Tap'PD® Tapioca Polydextrose Powder 70750 25kg, 750kg (Pallet), 15,000kg (FCL)

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