Rhubarb Extract

Why Extract Rheum rhaponticum?

Standardized to 81% Rhaponticin & Desoxyrhaponticin, Extract Rheum rhaponticum has been shown to provide safe, effective relief for symptoms associated with menopause, including hot flashes. As detailed in a JAMA-published meta-analysis, this extract has been demonstrated to be more effective than other commonly used natural therapies at reducing frequency and intensity of menopause symptoms. Extract Rheum rhaponticum is clearly the crème de la crème of any natural ingredient purported to support menopause symptom relief and is the most buttoned up ingredient of its kind. With a dose of just four milligrams and the depth of science supporting it, Extract Rheum rhaponticum provides a non-hormonal natural solution that should be at the forefront of consideration in any natural product formulation targeting the menopause space.

Top Features

  • Multiple short and long-term published human studies

  • Rheum rhaponticum Standardized to 81% Phytonutrients

  • Non-GMO

  • Patented New Dietary Ingredient

  • Best-In-Class for Natural Menopause Symptom Relief

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
Rhapontic Rhubarb Root AG3321 1kg

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