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Why Provinal®?

Tersus Nutraceuticals was founded specifically for the purpose of researching and developing products based on the health benefits of the “Next Omega”, omega 7. Armed with “head turning” results from their initial animal study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic and Therapeutic Discovery grant monies from the National Institute of Health, Tersus Nutraceutical developed, launched and filed patents supporting their flagship product Provinal® Purified Omega 7 in 2012. Purified to express high levels of palmitoleic acid (C16:1n7) while removing Palmitic Acid (C16:0 - the bad actor present wherever Omega 7 is found), Provinal® is the only omega 7 material in the marketplace supported by patent boundaries and study-specific health claims.

Palmitoleic Acid has been shown in multiple research studies to promote cardiovascular health, lower C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, reduce inflammatory response and attack metabolic syndrome. Specifically, a human study based on a dose of 420mg Provinal® was published in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Lipidology in 2014. Provinal® is available as a premium oil derived from a sustainable fish source. Provinal® is ideal for cardiovascular, inflammation, cholesterol, diabetes, skin health, eye health, total lipid health and weight loss formulas.

Top Features

  • Purified Palmitoleic Acid C16:1N7

  • Patented Technology & Claims Support

  • <1% Palmitic Acid

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil Source

  • Compelling Published Clinical Research

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
Provinal® Purified Omega 7 Oil AK2712 190kg
Provinal® 420mg Capsules BU3399 10,000

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