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Why PreB®?

PreB® macrobiotic fermented superfood features a combination of more than 50 fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains cultivated on a pristine farm southern Brazil and nourished by the Guarani aquifer. These ingredients are coalesced and fermented to achieve maximum nutritional and prebiotic value. The ingredients in PreB® are all organically grown and fermented on site. Available as a liquid or powder, PreB® Macrobiotic Superfood deliver 50+ organic ingredients to your product label like no other source can.

PreB® has been clinically shown to demonstrate a prebiotic effect having been crafted with its own unique combination of whole foods prior to the fermentation step so the preference for one or the other is individualized. Mr. Michio Kushi has long been known as the foremost authority on the macrobiotic diet and was the inspiration for the creation of PreB® macrobiotic superfood. The word “macrobiotic” is derived from Greek roots and means “long life”.

PreB® represents macrobiotic superfoods at their finest that can be consumed by any and all as part of a healthy daily regimen to support gut and total health.

Top Features

  • Crafted from 50+ Fruits, Vegetables and Whole Foods

  • Organically Grown

  • Prebiotic Superfood

  • A Product of Brazil

  • Liquid and Powder Options

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
PreB® Superfood Powder BP3010 25kg
PreB® Superfood Liquid BP3011 25kg

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