Why MctSMART®?

MctSMART® MCT Oil Powder is a 70% MCT Oil Powder featuring a high fat load plated onto a superior vegan carrier resulting in a keto friendly product perfect for protein bars, snacks, keto bulking, or drink mix applications.

MctSMART® MCT Oil Powder utilizes a proprietary “Oil to Powder” technology of low heat-loading to ensure the molecular structure of the MCT oil remains intact. FiberSMART® Soluble Tapioca Fiber functions as a superior carrier that ensures solubility with added value fiber claim. The result is a homogenous powder which maintains a free-flowing characteristic until introduced into liquid.

Available from coconut or palm kernel derived MCT oil, MctSMART® MCT Oil Powder 70% is the perfect formulation starter for great-tasting, healthy meal replacements, nutrition bars, snacks, and beverages. It should be a staple “go to” ingredient within the research and development team of any company affiliated with sports nutrition, ketogenic diet plans, high fat diet plans and any food group looking to boost the lipid profile of their products.

Top Features

  • Vegan Oil and Powder

  • FiberSMART® Soluble Tapioca Fiber Carrier

  • Non-GMO

  • Keto & Diabetic Friendly

  • Best-in-Class MCT Powders

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
MctSMART® MCT Oil Powder 70% - Tapioca Fiber AG4400 25kg
MctSMART® Coconut MCT Oil Powder 70% - Tapioca Fiber AG4550 25kg
MctSMART® MCT E6000 Oil AX2101 190kg, 950kg
MctSMART® MCT E7000 Oil AX2100 190kg, 950kg
MctSMART® MCT E6300 Coconut Oil AX2120 190kg, 950kg

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