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Why LipoSMART®?

Healthy fats have been all the rage over the past few years as paleo and keto lifestyles have become mainstream. Leading the pack amongst the “good for you” fats has always been coconut. Coconuts bring a smile to the face of any human being. Coconuts smell good. Coconuts taste good. Coconuts are exotic. Coconuts are the bomb. LipoSMART® Coconut Superfood Powders bring the best of coconuts to the functional food world.

The LipoSMART® family features two key products. The first is a keto fanatic’s dream as it features coconut oil dried onto a tapioca fiber carrier with a 65% fat load. The powder is creamy and dreamy and turns any keto product into a winner.

The second is perhaps the best tasting ingredient you’ve ever tried. LipoSMART® coconut milk powder with 60% fat content tastes and smells like you’re in a tropical coconut grove. Used as a bulking agent and flavor enhancer for drink mixes, yogurts, ice creams, protein bars, soups and various beverages, LipoSMART® coconut milk powder makes any product taste and feel better.

Top Features

  • Coconut Good Fats

  • Bulking Flavor & Creaming Agents

  • Coconut Oil Powder

  • Coconut Milk Powder

  • Best-in-Class for Taste

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
LipoSMART® Coconut Milk Powder AG3950 15kg, 600kg (Pallet), 12,000kg (FCL)
LipoSMART® Coconut Oil Powder 65% - Tapioca Fiber AG3970 15kg, 600kg (Pallet), 12,000kg (FCL)

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