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Since the FDA issued final guidance on the declaration of “Added Sugars” on food and beverage labels, brands and formulators have been shocked to find that the “Natural Flavors” component of their clean label declarations suddenly added 1-2 grams of “Added Sugars” that had never previously been claimed. Sugar free products were no longer “Added Sugar” free and low-calorie beverage flavor components were suddenly cast into the spotlight. Historically, maltodextrin and dextrose have been the “go to” carriers on which to plate natural flavors. These carbohydrates are fantastic from a functionality standpoint but at the end of the day, loaded with sugar. The popularity of keto friendly products has taken this “Added Sugar” concern to yet another level as brands supporting the demands of the keto movement has driven formulators to aim for “Zero Net Carbohydrates” in any and all formulations.

FiberSMART® Soluble Tapioca Fiber is the crème de la crème of fiber options in the marketplace. Users of FiberSMART® over the years, particularly in the keto space, have asked aloud, “is it possible to plate our natural flavors onto FiberSMART®”? Well, it took a few years, but the answer is now a resounding “Yes!”. Jacksquat® Zero Net Carb flavors produced in partnership with Flavor Insights is the go forward solution for any formulation looking to remove every last gram of digestible carbohydrates from their label. For any formulator or brand serious about eliminating every last bad carbohydrate from their formulation, Jacksquat® is the answer. Jacksquat® features a dozen amazing flavors including a bitter blocker and sweetness enhancer that will make any low calorie formula taste significantly better. If you’re in the low calorie business, Jacksquat® should be the “go to” natural flavor source in your quiver of weapons.

Top Features

  • Zero Net Carbohydrates

  • 100% Natural Flavors

  • Sugar Free

  • SQF Certified, Kosher Certified

  • Organic Certified Options Available

  • Low Glycemic Response

  • FiberSMART® Recognized as a Dietary Fiber

  • Amazing Taste Profiles

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
Jacksquat® Natural Sweetness Enhancer JS3000 20lb
Jacksquat® Natural Bitter Blocker JS3005 20lb
Jacksquat® Natural Vanilla JS3010 20lb
Jacksquat® Natural Chocolate JS3020 20lb
Jacksquat® Natural Fruit Punch JS3030 20lb
Jacksquat® Natural Lemon Lime JS3035 20lb
Jacksquat® Natural Grape JS3040 20lb
Jacksquat® Natural Strawberry JS3045 20lb
Jacksquat® Natural Raspberry JS3050 20lb
Jacksquat® Natural Blue Raspberry JS3055 20lb
Jacksquat® Natural Orange JS3060 20lb
Jacksquat® Natural Banana JS3065 20lb

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