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Why EnergySMART®?

EnergySMART® is an all-natural ingredient produced from a clinically studied combination of complex carbohydrates. Promoting a low glycemic response, EnergySMART® is a “good carb” option in a wide variety of applications. The superior form of this carbohydrate helps avoid the high and low blood glucose response seen with many poor quality carbohydrate sources including dextrose, maltodextrins and other high glycemic energy sources.

Studied by researchers at Arizona State University, the novel combination of slowly digestible, complex carbohydrates in EnergySMART® provide clean, strong energy that lasts longer and declines slower to more effectively fuel athletic performance. EnergySMART® is the ideal all-natural energy ingredient for any “sustained energy” application such as sports nutrition beverages, meal replacement shakes, pre and post workout mixes, energy drinks, energy bars and diabetic-friendly formulations supporting optimal glucose and underlying inflammatory response improvement.

Top Features

  • Prolonged, Sustained Energy Source

  • Sugar Free Carbohydrate

  • Non-GMO

  • Compelling Clinical Studies

  • Steady Low-Insulin Response

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
EnergySMART® Performance Carbohydrate 11160 25kg

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