Why AlphaXanthin® Astaxanthin?

AlphaXanthin® Cold Pressed Astaxanthin is a product of non-GMO Haematococcus pluvialisalgae, featuring 5% active astaxanthin. The proprietary pressing process makes AlphaXanthin® the only astaxanthin of its kind as there is no extraction step involved. Similar to other natural oils such as “cold pressed flax seed oil”, the algae is cultivated and pressed into an oleoresin rich in naturally occurring astaxanthin as part of the algae matrix.

Cultivated in sunlight in an enclosed system, AlphaXanthin® is 100% pure Haematococcus pluvialisalgae biomass that is chemical-free, solvent-free and carrier free. Certified Kosher and produced in a cGMP certified facility, AlphaXanthin® should be the “go-to” astaxanthin in any product lineup targeting the beauty, eye-health, anti-aging, or sports nutrition marketplace.

Top Features

  • Cold Pressed Haematococcus pluvialis

  • Carrier Free

  • Extraction & Solvent Free

  • Best-In-Class Astaxanthin

Product Details

Product Name Item # Pack Sizes
AlphaXanthin® 5% Cold-Pressed Astaxanthin AX0005 20kg
AuNatural® Astaxanthin 10% AX7430 20kg
AlphaXanthin® Cold Pressed Astaxanthin Vegan Capsules 12mg BU0005 8,000k

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