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The fiberSMART™ stable of premium novel fiber options is based upon a foundation of non-gmo, plant based sources that exhibit low glycemic response and prebiotic effects. Available in syrup or powder dosage forms, the fiberSMART™ portfolio features novel fibers derived from Cocoa Berries, Tapioca, Corn, Lentil and other sources. The syrups within the portfolio feature superior binding properties delivering consistently low water activity levels increasing production yields and maximizing shelf life. The powders within the portfolio feature superior solubility and flexibility to boost any formulation. Organic certification is available for some materials under the fiberSMART™ umbrella. With specifications backed by validated AOAC testing methods, fiberSMART™ fibers should be the a staple “go to” ingredient within the research and development group of any company affiliated with snacks, nutrition bars, sports nutrition, drink mixes, cereals or baked goods.

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  • Non GMO

  • Low Water Activity

  • AOAC Validated

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FiberSmart Soluble

fiberSMART™ Soluble is a range of all-natural, non-GMO soluble fibers which provides superior binding functionality, reduced calories and increased dietary fiber for a variety of food applications. Available from a tapioca or corn starting source, fiberSMART™ Soluble is unique in that it contains over 89% dietary fiber that is validated utilizing traditional AOAC methodology enhancing flavor and texture of finished products. Most binding options are accompanied with negative baggage including high sugar content that impacts blood glucose levels and the risk of instigating gastrointestinal distress. fiberSMART™ Soluble eliminates both by offering a low sugar and high fiber binder that has a low glycemic index and can be tolerated at very high usage rates. In addition to providing superior binding properties, fiberSMART™ Soluble consistently improves product integrity by enhancing the overall texture and flavor of finished products while providing enhanced stability under low pH conditions and high temperature processing. fiberSMART™ Soluble should be the staple “go to” ingredient within the research and development group of any company affiliated with nutrition bars, sports nutrition, snacks or baked goods.

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FiberSmart Barley Beta Glucan

fiberSMART™ Barley Beta Glucan is a highly adaptable soluble fiber solution for food, bar, bakery, & beverage applications. Our 100% natural beta-glucan fiber is milled from a unique variety of non-GMO barley and imparts a clean taste profile and neutral color. The most concentrated commercially available grain-based beta-glucan; only 10g of fiberSMART™ are required to provide 3g of beta glucan to meet the health claims for the US FDA, EFSA and Health Canada.

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FiberSmart Cacao Berry Powder

fiberSMART™ Cacao Berry Powder is a novel energizing fiber ingredient from the pod of the cacao fruit. The soluble and insoluble fibers create the hallmark of this ingredient, but that’s only just the beginning. The cacao peel delivers an array of nutrients similar to those of chocolate including vitamin B6, thiamin and magnesium. A stimulating combination of theobromine and caffeine promotes a feeling of well-being that will keep your consumers invigorated for your brand. 100% natural and clean-label friendly, great-tasting fiberSMART™ Cacao Berry Powder is an ideal fiber source for energy bars, drink mixes, beverages and supplements. Don’t just add fiber to your next R&D project, add fiberSMART™ Cacao Berry Powder and reap the rewards of cacao.

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  1. Nutrition Bars
  2. Cookies
  3. Gluten Free Baked Goods
  4. Candy
  5. Sports Drinks
  6. Chocolate
  7. Syrups
  8. Marinades
  9. Snack Foods
  10. Dressings

Honorable Mention: Jerky, Pet Treats, Ice Cream, Brownies, Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit Juices, Granola, Fruit Juices, Cereals, Sauces, Toppings, Dairy Products, Frozen Desserts, Processed Meats.

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